Here at iDj Entertainment Services, we get asked week-in and week-out, "How do you keep a dance floor packed at a wedding?". The answer to that is simple... Hire us... We give the people what they want. Watch the video below and then we'll give you a little more info below on how we pack dance floors every single weekend! Here at iDj Entertainment, we keep dance floors packed week-in and week-out by following some pretty simple steps:
  • Only play great music (lol)
  • Play what the wedding couple want
  • Have a vast knowledge of people and music and know how to apply the music to those people
  • Only play requests that are in line with the bride & groom's wishes
  • Read the crowd and make sure guests are dancing harder on the next track then they were on the previous
  • Play music that involves older guests too so play some old skool and throw in your occasional slow dance tracks
  • Avoid group participation songs like YMCA because you're incredibly talented and don't need to play that crap
  • Keep them guessing with what's coming next. That means change up genres and BPM's (beats per minute) often
  • If they are vibing the sh*t out of this song, LET IT PLAY! Quick-mix the medium or set-up tracks
  • It's a wedding so keep it classy... No explicit lyrics or content
  • Rely on great music to keep the dance floor packed and stay off the microphone when it's not needed
Call us today and make sure your dance floor is packed at your wedding! (310)994-5272