Los Angeles Wedding Entertainment – Why iDj Entertainment Sets The Bar For Wedding DJ’s!

I was having drinks with friends recently and among them was future bride to be. She was expressing to me that she was already feeling overwhelmed despite the fact that her wedding was still a year away (Summer 2014). She had questions about wedding planners that I've worked with, venues, photo booths, videographers and I [...]

Music For My Wedding Part 3. Music For Cocktail Hour, Dinner & Dance

Here at iDj Elegance Division we average around 60 weddings per year, so when it comes to planning out music for a wedding, we know a thing or two about what works and what DOESN'T. Here are some helpful tips you can use for selecting music for all the open phases of your wedding, such [...]

Hire a Craigslist DJ and This Is What You’ll Get!!!

Welcome to world of Craigslist DJ's... Everyone with a laptop & a dj system claims to be a DJ nowadays but be warned.... Most DJ's suck! Do you know how often we at iDj Entertainment hear, "We were at our friends wedding the other day and the dj was just awful!". This is what happens [...]

Music For My Wedding Part 2. Ceremony, Grand Entrance, First Dance etc.

These tips will help you select music for your ceremony and the most common traditional events of your wedding. Think…. Grand entrance, first dance, bouquet toss…etc. We’ve also added so helpful info about the timing of these events. Have fun with these!!!   Ceremony: If you’re old fashion and you wanna be traditional, you can [...]

Music For My Wedding Part 1. Ideas & Tips from iDj Elegance Division

Now you know very well having had attended several weddings for family members and friends, that the music played can either make or break your wedding. Your very first step in selecting music for your wedding starts with selecting a DJ that makes a living selecting music for others…   Let me repeat…..   The [...]