Marcos Rodriguez | iDj Founder
Dj Closer is as pieced together as a well thought out mix-tape. His sound, style and range are as diverse as the city he lives in and as eclectic as the songs in his iPod. Los Angeles, CA is home to Dj Closer, and is the backdrop of one of the newest up and coming partyrockers on the west coast. It doesn't matter if you're a hip-hop head, rocker, hipster or house junkie, this Dj’s got what it takes to make you bob your head, snarl your upper lip and say "uhhh!"

Week in & week out, So Cal partygoers are moved with a sound that breaches the mainstream and transcends the club music norm. Dj Closer flexes his range with a music arsenal that transgresses genres from hip-hop to rock, 80's to Motown, electro to dub-step, indie to reggae, house to throwbacks and fills in the cracks with cuts, breakbeats, mash-ups and homegrown tracks. Closer manipulates crowd energy with an unpredictability of direction, transition, tempos and an uncanny ability to make two songs sound like they were created with the sole purpose of being mixed into one another.

Closer’s ever-evolving range of sound, style and talent has expanded his client list, putting him behind the decks at a growing spectrum of events types and venues. From Top 40 super-clubs to fashion shows, ultra lounges to happy hours, high-end corporate events to backyard boogies, in-stores to fundraisers, there is no shortage of places he's spun at and no limit to where he's going next. Follow him, add him, download him, see him live and listen as he turns tables at you local So Cal hot spots.