Watch Our Newest DJ Demo Videos from iDj for 2014 Now!!!

Check out a sneak peak of our newest DJ demos from our talented staff of party rockers!!! Ten minutes mix samples from DJ's Mochee, Closer, Butters & Maple Syrup... Stay tuned for more upcoming mixes from DJ D-Side, DJ Rick Rock (93.5KDAY Mixer), DJ Amara & DJ Stoke!!!   DJ CLOSER - Cross Genre Party [...]

PERRY FIELD… Revolutionizing The Future of “Wedding Films”

Consider the term "Wedding Video" a thing of the past when it comes to "PERRY FIELD Films". Meet our friends Brian Perry & Ryan Satterfield. They are the creators of PERRY FIELD Films and if I can sum up what they do in a sentence, it's this: They will make your wedding day into a [...]