DJ Closer

Marcos Rodriguez | iDj Founder
Dj Closer is as pieced together as a well thought out mix-tape. His sound, style and range are as diverse as the city he lives in and as eclectic as the songs in his iPod. Los Angeles, CA is home to Dj Closer, and is the backdrop of one of the newest up and coming partyrockers on the west coast. It doesn't matter if you're a hip-hop head, rocker, hipster or house junkie, this Dj’s got what it takes to make you bob your head, snarl your upper lip and say "uhhh!"
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DJ Stoke

Michael Ramirez
DJ Stoke is an emerging DJ from the L.A. area. Getting his start early on in the B-Boy scene with the DJ crew Rebel Alliance mixing everything from Underground Hip Hop, Breaks and Funk/Soul. Over the years he has become a more versatile DJ, mixing everything from old school hip hop to 80's, alternative, rock and house. With the guidance from his sister DJ Amara and DJ Closer, he has become adept at moving the crowd and providing the perfect vibe for any event.
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DJ D-Side

Danny Anderson
DJ D-Side was born and raised in Whittier, CA. Not new to the music world, D-Side has been DJ’ng for over 16 years (circa 1994) and accomplishes well over 150 gigs a year. D-Side is here to bridge the gap between an array of multiple musical backgrounds ranging from hip-hop, funk, rock, rap to Top 40 hits of today. Growing up with huge influences such as Kid Capri, Jazzy Jeff, A-Track, DJ AM, The Executioners, The Beat Junkies, down to dj’s we know that spin at hottest clubs and lounges around the world like Ross One, Vice, Steve Aoki and Just Blaze.
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DJ Mochee

Mike Rodriguez
Born Mike Rodriguez and raised in sunny Southern California. All-around music lover grew up on Hip-Hop, 80's, Rock, Reggae, Soul, and Dance. Not to mention he is a Stevie Wonder Fanatic! This seasoned B-Boy is no stranger to rocking large crowds, as he had his first sponsor (PUMA) by age 17. After acquiring his first set of Techniques in 2001, he found a new love for crowd rocking and has been perfecting his unique style ever since.
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