iDj Entertainment Services was created with the purpose of offering you an unmatched DJ experience. In a day & age where someone can buy a laptop, headphones, a couple of speakers and with little to no experience, call themself a DJ… iDj stands to be the antithesis of this. We’ve hand- picked DJ’ s of the highest caliber who have excelled in a multitude of forums that the modern DJ currently performs in. We base 100% of our reputation on our DJ’s, not our speakers, not our lighting fixtures but the talent of our team. Our DJ staff is comprised of music lovers who tirelessly log in thousands of hours each year in search of discovering what moves people. Our DJ’s have become trained observers who can notice the slightest variations in room energy, body language, response and make the critical adjustments needed to create the desired effect. The combined years of experience from our staff leads you to what we consider to be the hallmark of iDj Entertainment Services and that is our DJ’s undaunting ability to apply music to people. iDj is the brainchild of owner and DJ, Marcos Rodriguez whose vision was to unite DJ’s who could provide music for a full spectrum of events and then group those events into one of two columns; formal and informal. This duality or “Yin & Yang” of iDj is expressed through its Party Rock & Elegance Divisions. Party Rock Division being assigned to the full-scale, raging party while Elegance Division is reserved for once-in-a-lifetime, milestone and corporate type events. In both cases our client is offered a professional who is versed in their ability to perform in both divisions. We here at iDj Entertainment Services look forward to meeting you and making your event one that you and your guests will talk about for many years to come.
Thank You,
-Marcos Rodriguez